”The thing that really blew me away most was that the one-man-band thing wasn’t the main event - the music is great and it just

so happens he’s working his ass off playing 800 things at once!”

                                                                 - Julia Barry, songwriter

Spiff Wiegand



Spiff Wiegand was born with two thumbs on his right hand in the beautiful state of Kentucky. The extra thumb was removed at age 4, though he remembers it fondly.

Despite being forced into piano lessons at age 8, he began to take music seriously when he discovered Rock & Roll in his early teens. He currently plays over 20 instruments.

Spiff is best know for his “one man band” concerts. Juggling up to seven instruments simultaneously without looping, he creates complete textures that are as unexpectedly musical as they are visually impressive.

His original songs range through diverse genres like Hard Rock, Classic Country, Jug Band, and Pop. He has been compared to Hank Williams, The Mountain Goats, Buddy Holly, Hot Hot Heat, Devo, and They Might Be Giants.

These days Spiff is constantly on tour, though he remains active with many other groups, including The Whistling Wolves, NYC’s premier American roots band.




spiff [at] spiffwiegand [dot] com

646 - 39 - S P I F F (77433)

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